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Clients trust us to redefine their businesses through innovation. Our integrated process of strategy, design, and engineering has a proven record of delivering unique products with beauty and precision. We work with businesses and agencies of all sizes, and can tailor a solution to any needs and budget.


CRI Advantage

CRI Advantage, a leader in IT Managed Services and Cyber Security, asked us to create a new corporate website that shows them to be cutting edge without ignoring the importance of the human element in their business. They needed it built from scratch and they needed it in a month.

We organized their services and departments into a cohesive flow and created custom layouts to handle their large amounts of textual content. We also designed tons of custom graphics and incorporated a variety of imagery to support that content and aid visitors in their journey through the new web experience. And… we nailed the deadline.


Meredith McCord

We built a completely new website for Meredith, showcasing her extensive travel blog and promoting her hosted travel packages. Meredith already had amazing imagery of her global fishing expeditions and world record catches, so we wanted to engage her site visitors with large imagery throughout the site. We integrated with Mailchimp to grow her email campaign lists and Hubspot CRM to capture and track leads. 

We also built a standalone e-commerce solution for Meredith to sell her extensive collection of fishing and expedition gear.


Earthbound Extracts

Earthbound Extracts is on a mission to bring wellness, balance, and relief through quality CBD products delivered on a monthly subscription.

We were excited to jump in and built a site that embodied this mission, while providing the technical means to handle the subscription/ membership management. We also integrated with their fulfillment center to create a streamlined experience for customers that was also simple for their small team to manage.

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JB's Roofing

The awesome folks at JB’s Roofing came to us after their previous effort to get a professional website didn’t go as planned, and they needed help quickly. We jumped in and came up with a scratch-built website experience, shingle showcase, and extensive content to aid in their SEO ranking

Needless to say they love their new website, and are extremely pleased with their search engine rankings. Our efforts netted vast improvement, taking them from an average ranking of 67 (middle of page 7) to an average keyword position of 3 (page one, baby!) for 16 of their tracked keywords within 6 months.

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Epic Unlimited

We worked with Epic Unlimited to design and develop a new website for their organization that also acted as a digital look-book/product catalog. We created color-matched overlays for all their products, so the catalog shows all their gear in every available color.

Epic also understand the value of blogging and fresh content to stay relevant, but they did not have the resources in-house to manage it. We created an automated blog that is fed by leading publications in their verticals, and integrated with LinkedIn to automatically post on their company page as well.

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EnableTech came to us with some great ideas for a new website, but they weren’t sure how to put all their ideas together into a cohesive experience. 

We created a custom website and content management system that incorporated their awesome drone footage, as well as showcased their product lines and their target industries. We also created a content gate using LinkedIn OAuth that required visitors to verify identity with their LinkedIn account before accessing proprietary specs. We created a database of the info captured from LinkedIn, giving the sales department a “lead list” with which to engage prospects. Cool, right?

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Interactive Plat Map

A residential real estate developer came to us needing a website, but they weren’t sure how to list the available lots in their communities.

Our solution was to develop an interactive plat map, so visitors could see the available lots and their relative position within the community, as well as important details about the lot. We also added a scheduling option that allowed visitors to book a viewing right on the website.

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Washington DC based cyber security and threat management firm BLACKOPS Partners regularly consults the Fortune 500 and Federal Agencies on burgeoning threats in the global cyber landscape. So we were honored to create their new website and blog.

Our project discovery identified these priorities for the website:  their core values & unique service model, a-list leadership & board, and powerful data that supports their mission. We incorporated those priorities throughout the website.In addition to the website, we also created the highly impactful video that you can see on their homepage.

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Hippie Hoops & Holes

Hippie Hoops & Holes is a popular local piercing studio, known for their friendly & welcoming atmosphere. They had been engaged in a Google My Business campaign to expand their digital footprint, but realized that they needed a serious website overhaul when they discovered they had zero conversion.

We designed a mobile-first website to match their shop culture: warm, inviting, and fun. We created an image-based service menu and integrated with their appointment booking system & added a reservation fee to the checkout, resulting in a 70% reduction in no-show appointments.

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Precision Accounting

Precision Accounting is a Caldwell, Idaho-based tax, payroll, and financial services firm serving individuals and businesses nation wide. They realized they were losing potential clients from their lack of presence online – both  prospects searching for their services as well as referrals confirming their credibility before making contact.

The Precision team expressed these concerns to us, and we created a web footprint to solve the problem. Their website now serves as a hub for all their marketing activities, and the client reported a 20-30% annual increase in new client acquisition since their website launched, all of which they attribute to their web presence and placement.

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Join or Judge

The folks from the Join or Judge nonprofit project came to us with specific challenges: they needed a website that educated Texans on cannabis, kept followers up to date on the latest news and legislation, provided a platform where visitors could vote and share their opinions, and they wanted a way for people to take action. 

We developed a custom website that includes an educational repository, a news blog that is fed by leading cannabis law journals, a voting feature that integrates with Facebook for commenting, and an automated letter generator to send a letter to their congressman. Check it out for yourself!

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Lion & Stutz

Lion & Stutz is a highly experienced team specializing in management consulting for asset intensive companies including oil & gas, oilfield services, chemicals, power generation and metals processors. Lion & Stutz has a proven track record of capturing growth opportunities and streamlining operations both at home and abroad. 

After years of success, the team engaged us to build a website that showcased their experience, impressive results, and strong social proof through countless testimonials provided by their clients. We also created an interactive Venn diagram to visually explain their processes and the correlation to successful outcomes for their clients.

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Urban Organics

Houston-based Urban Organics creates stunning landscapes and edible backyard oases & kitchen gardens. They needed a website that differentiated them from other landscape companies and helped with lead gen.

We showcased their past projects & promoted their commercial farming work. We integrated their lead capture forms with HubSpot, leading to a 30% increase in conversion within 6 months after launch. We also engaged in a moderate SEO plan that put them in the top 3 search results for all their target keywords in the Houston market.

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The Corporate Group

This commercial photography firm came to us with a problem: they had limited digital footprint and no presence on search engines, even with over 30 years serving an impressive client list of leaders in Houston industry.

Our solution emphasized their beautiful portfolio and incorporated case studies showing how they solved challenges for their clients. We launched their SEO campaign that focused on building authority, while also building their Google Business listing and boosting reviews. The Corporate Group ranks in the top 3 for all target key phrases in the Houston market.

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