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How to do SEO the right way.
The Sitely way.

Many SEO services use automated software to build backlinks and citation references. At Sitely, we believe that true Search Engine Optimization requires a unique, highly targeted and hands-on approach by experienced specialists. The following steps are taken for every Traffic Starter, Traffic Jam, Gridlock, and Custom SEO traffic plan.

Keyword research

We get a clear understanding of your business, your industry, and your goals, then get to work doing extensive research to identify appropriate keyword, search volumes, etc. to ensure that your keyword selection takes advantage of all the ranking opportunities.

Website audit

We perform a full analysis of your current website from the technical, content, and “what Google sees” perspectives. This includes things like meta tags, broken links, proper heading tags, page load speed, security, keyword density, content relevance, backlink portfolio, and a bunch of other things the search engines use to determine ranking.

Competitor analysis

We review your competitors to better understand your market position. We’ll identify their tactics and take action, as this is key to a successful marketing campaign and will allow us to strategize accordingly. 

On-site optimization

Using the results of the above-stated work, we insert appropriate meta tags, snippets, optimized content, etc. This will build your online reputation and visibility.

Citation audit

An in-depth audit is done on your business presence on various networks to ensure its accuracy and consistency. This plays a role in your overall ability to rank, not only organically but locally as well. If any inconsistencies are found, we communicate, confirm, and correct the information.

Monthly reporting

We run regular reports on your website to track the results of our current search engine strategy. With our Traffic Starter, Traffic Jams, Gridlock, and Custom packages you will receive monthly reports outlining the progress. You can at any point request a report or a consultation with your Sitely Specialist.

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